I found this mobile service very convenient while saving time for diagnostic workup which helped in the care and treatment of my patients. I am very confident in referring this diagnostic service to other colleagues as it elevates our diagnostic possibilities and brings value to our services.

Dr. Zoran Radnic
Central Richmond Pet Hospital

Dr. Parmjit Dhillon offers an excellent service with great response time. This service was a very positive experience for both me and my clients and I found it to be very efficient and accurate.

Dr. J. Barkasy
Newton Animal Hospital

Due to quick and convenient access, Dr. Dhillon helps speed up the diagnostics and because it is mobile, clients go for the ultrasound quicker than they would otherwise which helps change the treatment plan for the better. I feel very confident with this service that he provides us and I can.t wait for his endoscopy to become available!

Dr. Jaswinder Bath
48th Avenue Animal Hospital

Dr. Dhillon helped me with the prognosis of myocardial contractility and with what medications to use. He is able to confidently differentiate gallbladder mucocele, IBD, pancreatitis, and adrenal insufficiency. This service has greatly affected my clinic as I am able to dictate how aggressive I should pursue each and every case. I am very confident with Dr. Dhillon.s abilities and services he provides my clinic.

Dr. Michael Dear
Terra Nova Village Vet

UltraMobile Pet Diagnostics has been very convenient for us as we have been able to offer clients your services in our clinic as an option instead of sending a referral to a specialty hospital with a potential long wait. Being able to offer our clients the option of in house ultrasound for their pets has aided in prompt treatment and diagnosis. This service has positively impacted our clinic as far as convenience and affordability for clients unable to wait a long time for an ultrasound or afford admission to a specialty hospital. Thank you for your prompt, professional help!

Dr. Michael Pedlow
Point Grey Veterinary Clinic

This has been very helpful in many cases to arrive at a specific diagnosis, and in a prompt matter from which point a specific and logical treatment plan can be formulated. Dr. Dhillon has helped me to improve the quality of service we can offer to our clients, and clients appreciate the convenience of not have to drive elsewhere. We are very pleased with this service.

Dr. Greg Clark
Coast Meridian Animal Hospital
Port Coquitlam

UltraMobile Diagnostics has expanded my diagnostic capabilities within my clinic and has presented much more convenience to my clients. I truly enjoy Dr. Dhillon.s upbeat personality and his level of expertise in multiple areas of the veterinary field.

Dr. Leslie Ross
Vedder Mountain Veterinary Clinic

This service has helped me a great deal because of its accessibility, accuracy and early diagnosis. My clients are happy when they realize that the ultrasound can be performed at my clinic and I feel very confident with Dr. Dhillon.s service. Keep up the good work, we do appreciate your service very much.

Dr. Aunali Daudjee
All Critters Animal Hospital

Your service is much more accessible than the others currently available. We appreciate same day or next day service, single case availability and the ability to surprise you with additional cases as needed. I love the speed of the diagnosis, the resolution, and the chance to get an informal second opinion which definitely provides better care all round. Cat clients prefer a cat orientated environment and people they know handling their cats. They prefer to be in the room during the procedure and all our clients appreciated that the care and service was provided in-clinic.

Dr. Nicky Joosting
Vancouver Feline Hospital

I am very happy with Dr. Dhillon.s service as it is always helpful in terms of saving time and avoiding delays for having a diagnostic work up. I get a more definitive diagnosis, the exclusion of possibilities and a better prognostic determination. I am very confident in Dr. Dhillon.s capabilities and his information is relevant, useful and accurate.

Brian Danks
Newton Animal Hospital

Your mobile service have been very convenient both for clients as well as for the practitioner. Most of the time, your services are available the same day or at the most, the next day. This diagnostic workup saves time as the answers are available without delay. This service helps in the care and treatment of my patients.

Dr. Harjeet Makkar
Atlas Animal Hospital

UltraMobile Pet Diagnostics is very convenient and in most cases provides same day service. With regards to treatment, it pin-points patient conditions making treatment options accurate, overall a very good service.

Dr. Manjit Inder Singh
Atlas Animal Hospital