We provide complete cardiac, abdominal, thoracic and thyroid / parathyroid ultrasound exams. Ultrasound
Cardiac exam
Complete cardiac exams are performed, including colour and power doppler assessment to rule-out congenital and / or acquired heart diseases. It also helps to rule out any heart-based masses and / or any fluid build up around the heart.
Thoracic exam
Ultrasound rules-out lung masses, mediastinal masses, enlarged lymph nodes, fluid build up in the chest cavity, diaphragmatic hernia and / or other related conditions.
Abdominal exam
Complete abdominal exams are performed every time to minimize the danger of missing pathology by performing only organ-based scans.
Thyroid / Parathyroid exam
Performed to rule out neoplasia or other abnormalities of these glands.
Cardiac exam is used to rule out underlying cardiomyopathies and/or pleural disease. Ultrasound is also utilized to rule-out adrenal masses, pancreatic masses and other abdominal organ abnormalities.

Blood Pressure: On-site doppler blood pressure measurement.

Coagulation Profile
Clotting factors APTT and PT could be checked on site with IDEXX coagDx before performing ultrasound-guided biopsies of internal organs.
Guided Drainage Procedures
Performed to drain fluid build up from the abdominal cavity, chest and / or around the heart.
On-site ECG recording.
Performed to obtain sample for urine culture and sensitivity, fluid samples from the chest, abdomen and/or other organs for fluid cytology.
Fine Needle Aspiration
An ultrasound-guided sample is obtained for cytology to aid in the diagnosis of underlying pathology.
Tru-Cut Biopsy
Ultrasound-guided tru-cut biopsy is performed after a coagulation profile and under general anesthesia to obtain thick tissue samples for histopathology to aid in the definitive diagnosis of underlying pathology.
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Ultrasound diagnoses early pregnancies after 21 days of conception. It also helps in differentiating other reproductive disorders / abnormalities.
We provide both flexible and rigid mobile endoscopy services. Flexible endoscopy is used to rule out diseases of the larynx, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine and colon. It is also used to examine the upper and lower respiratory tract. Flexible endoscopy can be used to obtain biopsy samples and also to remove foreign bodies from the esophagus and stomach non-invasively. Rigid endoscopy is used to examine and obtain samples from the nasal cavity, urogenital tract and for laparoscopic procedures.
Endoscopy 1 Endoscopy 2 Endoscopy 3
Specialist Consultation
We also provide consultations with cardiologists, veterinary internists and / or radiologists if needed for further diagnostic and/or treatment plans.