Indications that your pet may need ultrasound

The most common indications for veterinary ultrasound:

Heart murmur
The presence of any kind of arrhythmia can be an indication of cardiomyopathy, congenital defects and more. Ultrasound can quickly qualify, and often quantify the severity of the condition.
Chronic Vomiting
Frequent vomiting can be an indication of several pathologies including pancreatitis, IBS, and many more. An ultrasound study can provide information that normal radiography often cannot.
Acute Vomiting
Increased Liver Enzymes
Urinary Dysfunction
Ultrasound's ability to visualize structures surrounded by fluid makes imaging of the kidneys and bladder easy and routine. Many common problems can be discovered long before symptoms become more serious.
Pleural and Abdominal Effusions